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Jewelry Liquidation Consultants uses a simple Estate Liquidation Process to help you choose the best course of action for you and your jewelry.


Estate Liquidation Process - Step 1

1. Contact us to schedule an appointment to have a member of our team visit your home or business to evaluate your jewelry. If you prefer to visit JLC, you can make an appointment to bring your jewelry in for a no risk evaluation.



Estate Liquidation Process - Step 2

2. Once your jewelry is assessed, we will provide recommendations based on our evaluation as to the most effective method of liquidation.



Estate Liquidation Process - Step 3

3. For sellers opting for JLC’s private auction method – an itemized inventory receipt (hand signed) identifying each item and its suggested minimum sale amount (“SMSA”) will be provided along with comprehensive term of sale documentation. The SMSA is the lowest amount for which the item can be sold (i.e. reserve).  JLC assumes custody of each item which will be sold via JLC’s national network of specialized jewelry buyers using a sealed bid method. This method maximizes your return by driving some of the most prominent jewelers in the world to bid on your jewelry – naturally raising the value and your financial return.



Estate Liquidation Process - Step 4

4. The last stage of JLC’s estate liquidation process is when the purchase of your jewelry has been finalized.  JLC delivers the jewelry to the purchaser and the cosigner (you) are paid directly by JLC within 30 days.



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