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Jewelry Liquidation Consultants (JLC) is an estate jewelry liquidator who recognizes it’s not easy to part with antiques & fine jewelry, or to liquidate an Estate. Whether they provide sentimental value, are out-of-date, or simply aren’t your style – often times emotions can preclude a prospective seller from benefiting by selling jewelry or settling an Estate. And rightfully so – the process often involves daunting choices ranging from selecting a trustworthy & ethical jewelry buyer, to ensuring the assessed value of your jewelry or a complete estate is accurate and reasonable.

With so many Jewelry Buyers willing to pay for unwanted jewelry and gold, how do you know who to trust and if you’re really getting the best value? In most cases – you don’t.

JLC however, is uniquely positioned to ensure the sale of your estate, antiques, and fine jewelry is controlled and handled in the most efficient way yielding safe and lucrative results. Rest assured, several of the world’s most reputable jewelry authorities have strategically partnered with JLC allowing your belongings to receive the best possible attention throughout the entire process.

The JLC Advantage

Jewelry Liquidation Consultants utilizes a unique bidding process creating competition and demand for your jewelry – exponentially increasing its total value and your financial return. National retail chains and local jewelers – no matter how reputable, simply pay the lowest they can based on what they think it’s worth to you. It’s in their best interest to give you the lowest amount they think you’ll accept. This practice without the external influence of competing jewelers allows them to set the price – which is not in your best interest. 
Both JLC and Traditional Auction houses in New York and Philadelphia bring healthy competition to the table. In fact JLC’s network of Jewelers often times is comprised of the very same individuals that purchase jewelry at the major auction houses – but without the hefty commissions. Insurance fees, cataloging fees, and other miscellaneous fees on top of buyer & seller commissions will dwindle your return considerably.

JLC’s lean process along with NO BUYER’S FEES (typically upwards of 25%) provides the seller a major advantage by retaining the highest possible value compared to an Auction House. JLC’s select method provides the seller prompt payment with higher returns where as an auction payment in many cases can take upwards of 6 months to receive.

Jewelry Liquidation Consultants eliminates many of the headaches and risks of selling jewelry online. Although online jewelry buyers or an estate jewelry liquidator can be effective, finding one you can trust is even more difficult than locating a jewelry buyer in person. Online buyers of jewelry have a higher rate of return resulting in lost time, energy, and dollars. Fraud is much more prevalent online with con artists switching pieces, claiming non receipt of items, and switching items with fake pieces. Lucrative scams are constantly being created to cheat the seller or trustee. It’s a common misconception that selling jewelry online is easy – do you really want to take the risk with your valuables?

JLC has the knowledge, experience, staff, and time proven methods in place to avert fraudulent techniques which is essential for the successful and profitable sale of jewelry online. Fast, Easy, and No Risk – simply consign your jewelry to JLC and receive payment within 30 days, Guaranteed! Don’t limit your financial returns by using old-fashioned methods of selling jewelry or liquidating an estate.

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