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JLC provides Fiduciaries and Private Individuals modern estate jewelry liquidation options to sell unwanted jewelry and antiques, as well as rapid methods to liquidate an estate. Precious stones and Antiques haven’t changed, but the process of selling unwanted jewelry has – only those sellers who leverage modern methods will have a major financial advantage when compared to using a traditional jewelry buyer.

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Estates containing jewelry inherently deliver many challenges to trustees because of the complexity and long periods of time typically associated with liquidating antique [specify type] collections. Complications or superfluous fees common with an extended estate sale closing such as insurance premiums, amassing storage fees, security risks, lack of investment potential, and many other aspects simply aren’t in the best interest of the trustee’s principal. Leveraging JLC alleviates these difficulties, provides fiduciaries several advantages, and allows fiduciaries to provide the highest standard of care and protection for the sole benefit of their principal.


Sell Antique JewelryEstate jewelry liquidation traditionally relies on 2 common methods, direct sale to a jeweler or consignment to public auction. Both methods may be somewhat effective but each have their shortcomings. Selling to a jeweler (direct sale) lacks healthy competitive offers from other parties allowing the jewelry buyer to control the price and limits the potential return to what the jeweler “wants to pay”. Conversely, consignment to public auction invites competition but requires perpetual care from the seller during the process such as selecting the most advantages marketplace (e.g. suitable auction house) and continuous monitoring of the account over long periods of time (during which re-investment opportunities are lost).


JLC’s unique approach combines these liquidation methods – offering fiduciaries the best components of traditional methods without any of the shortcomings. JLC utilizes its national network along with over a century of combined experience in the jewelry industry, to liquidate any collection size ranging from an individual piece to large assortments quickly and efficiently. This is achieved by new and existing partnerships and strategic affiliations throughout the country with specialized vendors.


 Private Individuals

Selling your jewelry can be an intimidating and emotional process. Of course you expect the best price for your jewelry and without being a jewelry expert, it’s not uncommon to distress over making a mistake or getting an unfair price. JLC understand your position and can eliminate errors or unfair prices from the process. JLC uses a competitive, sealed bid auction style process to ensure you will receive the maximum value for your jewelry. Whether you need cash for gold, are selling a diamond, or simply want to change your style, JLC can help you.


30 Day Guarantee

JLC’s is committed to liquidating estates quickly and efficiently. JLC guarantees to complete each liquidation assignment within 30 days of receipt of goods. In many cases the delivery of proceeds will be made within 14 days of receipt of goods.

This assures the greatest likely financial return while minimizing the burden of time, attention, and liability to the trustee.



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